Nikki Haley Endorses U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice for Reelection

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is supporting U.S. Representative Stephanie Bice in her 2022 reelection campaign, The City Sentinel  has learned.

In her endorsement statement, Amb. Haley said, “Stephanie Bice is a proud Oklahoman who knows conservative policies work for the Sooner State. She’s a fighter for lower taxes, American energy, border security, and a strong military. I’m proud to endorse her because she’s not afraid to stand up to Pelosi’s spending spree and liberal agenda.”

Rep. Bice said, “I’m grateful for the endorsement of Ambassador Nikki Haley. She’s a strong conservative leader and her support helped put the most Republican women in Congress in 2021. I’m proud to be part of her continued push for Republicans in the 2022 midterms.”

Bice rose rapidly in national conservative leadership soon after her victory in the November 2020 general election. GOP colleagues elected her freshman class president.    

Rep. Bice, in an exchange with The City Sentinel, said her experiences in Congress have not been what she expected. She reflected:

“My first nine months in office have not been what I would have imagined. COVID has impacted the way the House is run, with voting taking place in groups and other modifications.”

In her opening months in Washington, D.C., has served on a military personnel subcommittee (Armed Services Committee), focusing her energy on support for disabled National Guardsmen, and advocacy for Military Moms, among other work.

She is serving on a bipartisan tax force focused on securing national food supply chains, frequently expressing specific concerns over aggressive moves by the communist government of mainland China.

Rep. Bice is advocating development of innovation and technology to reduce emissions, and initiatives based “in natural solutions and conservation” to make American energy, as she puts it, “more accessible” without “killing jobs or incerasing costs for the American people.”

Early in her tenure, she opposed H.R. 8, which aimed to create a national gun registry she believes would have penalized temporary transfer of guns.” Bice emphasized her support of the Second Amendment during her 2020 elective drive.

The challenge of her early months in congressional service, “hasn’t changed my goals in Congress  – I’m focused on delivering results for Oklahomans,” Rep. Bice told The City Sentinel  this week.

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